30+ Easy Slovenian Vocabulary For Family

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Can you talk about family and family members in Slovenian? If you plan to converse with the locals, learning the best terms to describe each family member is a must. Today, we will walk you through the easiest words to use to expand your vocab in this language. Keep reading below!

Slovenian Vocabulary For Family

Slovenian people are close to their cultural values and thus tend to prioritize their family values. The older people are respected and given importance in a Slovenian family. In fact, it is not usual for families to send their older family members to retirement homes like in the U.S. Slovenian people know that the family is important, and thus they’re often serious about it.

For instance, the family feast on Christmas in Slovenia is usually hosted by the eldest member of the family. This is done to give them a tribute and respect for their status and fulfillment of responsibilities.

Here is a list of some Slovenian vocabulary for the family to help you talk about family members and relatives in Slovenia.

Useful Statistics

Other than learning about Slovenian vocabulary for family. Let’s dig deeper and look at the statistics, it has been noticed that the number of families in Slovenia has increased by 20,000. There are around 2.41 members of the total Slovenian population who are living with their families (including around 1.56 children).

The number of private and special households in Slovenia differs as well. The private houses are giving accommodation to 859,782 individuals which make up 98% of the total population. The in-group and special households are providing accommodation to around 682 individuals, thus making up 2% of the total population.

There is a higher trend of having a single/nuclear family in Slovenia as compared to the joint families. There is also a trend of having same-sex families in Slovenia. Very few families are having children which are around 203 families do not own children.

Talking About Family Members

Now that you’ve learned about Slovenian vocabulary for family, let’s look at this quick guide to the most important phrases including both questions and answers to help you talk about family in Slovenian.

Wrapping Up

Did you enjoy learning about Slovenian vocabulary for the family? Now you are good to go for any situation. If you are learning Armenian, Ling App is a great option. The Slovene language is beautiful to learn, and Ling App has made that very easy. Ling App. has almost all the languages you can quickly learn. Each blog post on Ling App has a different lesson that you can read and learn from. You will get podcasts, online lessons, and much more. The more you’d explore this app, the more you’d like it. Don’t stop with only Slovenian vocabulary for family, check out other blog posts about Common Slovenian Verbs and Ways To Say Yes/No/Ok.

Happy Learning!



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