30+ Easy Slovenian Health And Medical Words

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Do you often go to hospitals but are unable to communicate with the doctors and medical staff using health and medical words? Is it easy for you to have a basic conversation in Slovenian but cannot hold longer conversations because of your limited vocabulary? Do you desperately want to ask about the health of your co-worker but just don’t know how to? Well, don’t worry, because we got you covered. In this blog, we will walk you through Slovenian health and medical vocabulary. This will be your ultimate guide including all the necessary terminology which can assist you in a hospital. You wouldn’t need translators anymore since you will do it all yourself.

So let the learning begin!

Medical Schools

The Slovenian word for medical schools is “Medicinske šole”. To practice medicine in Slovenia, it is important to have a specialization. Since the 1990s, it has been noticed that the number of physicians in Slovenia is increasing. This is because there are countless graduates who have migrated from Yugoslavia to Slovenia.

Those graduates had started becoming specialists and professionals and therefore contribute to the healthcare sector of Slovenia. Working as healthcare specialists and doctors in Slovenia requires good specialization and knowledge to be able to provide better treatment to the patients.

Slovenian Health And Medical Words

It is important to learn the names of ailments, sicknesses, diseases, and disorders in the Slovenian language. Getting reports from the doctor and not being able to understand what the reports say can be a shame and therefore it is important to understand the diseases meanwhile reading them.

Here is a table of all the disease-related vocabulary which you might need while speaking with the Slovenian people:

Describing The Symptoms

Living in Slovenia, you might come across different circumstances. It is important to be able to express and describe the symptoms to the people around you in a certain language. This will assist you in describing how you are feeling at the moment to someone.

Here is a table of all the Slovenian phrases which can help you describe your symptoms:

Needing Financial Support

To consult a doctor or visit a hospital it is important to be financially stable. The health systems all over the world are increasing money thus having higher costs with every passing day. In such a scenario, knowing about the financial costs of hospitalizations and medicines is important.

Here is a table for you to ask about and discuss the financial situation of the hospitals and health system in Slovenian:


Dentistry is a very common department that countless people visit every day. Many people have different oral issues or issues with their teeth which is why they need to visit dentists. To be able to communicate the issue properly to the dentists, knowing the basic vocabulary about dentistry in Slovenian is important.

This terminology can help you if you are studying medicine and are currently a part of the faculty. Medical Students need to know these words in Slovenian so that they can learn better and faster. The people, in general, must also be aware of all the words in case they have any complaints or problems.

Here is a table with some phrases about dentistry:

Inquiring About Someone’s Health

If you are a part of the faculty and have your colleague sick then you must want to ask about their health. It is important to notice the conditions of people living around us and therefore deal with their issues appropriately. If your colleague thinks they have your support then they will be more friendly toward you.

It is a nice gesture to check up on your partner and the people around you. Slovenian health and medical vocabulary can especially come in handy on such occasions. Asking your friends if they need anything while they are sick is yet another way of making someone feel better while suffering from a sickness.

Here is a table of some phrases which can help you inquire about someone’s health:

Food For Sick People

It is important to know what kind of food makes the patients feel happy. Knowing Slovenian vocabulary for healthy meals can help you order food or offer it to a sick person.

Here is a table of some Slovenian words for the eatables which speed up patient’s recovery:

Tip Of The Day

While visiting a sick friend, it is a nice idea to bring some flowers with you. The flowers have a nice fragrance which is liked by most people and brightens their mood up. There are other things as well which you can bring with you, for instance, chocolates, etc.

Slovenian people do appreciate homecooked food and therefore making a bowl of soup can help in the speedy recovery of the person that you are taking care of. You can also make a hot cup of tea for them and serve it with their favorite snack or food so that they feel happy.

Wrapping Up

By now, you must be familiar with all the important phrases about health and medicine in Slovenia. It is important to be aware of the ethics and words related to health in Slovenia. The words related to health which you have learned today can help you in various spheres of your life.

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