30+ Easy Disasters Vocabulary In Slovenian

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Do you know the correct Slovenian phrases and words to use in case of emergency? Are you aware of the disasters vocabulary in Slovenian? If you are interested in getting to know about disasters vocabulary in Slovenian then this blog is for you. Today, we will walk you through all the important words you can use when the unexpected occurs. So let the learning begin!

To learn about disaster words in Slovenian, we need to know some minor details about the geography of Slovenia. So let’s dig into the basic information.


Slovenia is a country located in Europe, surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. It also shares a 29 miles border with the Adriatic Sea. There are three major ethnicities living there; Slavs, Germanic, and Latin. It also has around 2500 historic churches which tell us about the richness of this country in the theological culture. Slovenia is rich with having mountains and the largest one is Triglav. Triglav mountains are renowned for their three peaks which are also present in the flag of Slovenia.

In Slovenia, the government plays important role in taking care of its citizens. It offers proper relief packages to the victims of the disasters. They have proper plans including all the measures which makes them prepared for any unfortunate event. There are different acts in Slovenia that ensure the safety of its citizens in case of emergency.


When we say the word disaster, destruction due to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes comes to our minds. We imagine a situation of chaos with winds everywhere and dusty air. But that is one category of disasters called natural disasters. Natural disasters are disasters that take place naturally and cause harm to living things.

In addition to that, there are man-made disasters that are caused by human beings as well as hybrid disasters which are caused by both human beings and nature itself. It is important to know about each category to be able to talk about it if the need arises.

In this blog, we will walk you through the important vocabulary for each situation so that you can fully understand and react to such unfortunate situations.

Natural Disaster

There are different natural disasters in Slovenia and the most common ones are earthquakes, floods, landslides, hail, storms, sleet, frost, and fire. Slovenia is enriched with mountains and therefore the sand erosion has made different caves and news caves are discovered every now and then.

The word for natural disaster in Slovenian is “Naravna katastrofa”. The word “narvani” or “narvana” means natural in Slovenian. This word is the extended form of another word “narave” which means nature in Slovenian.

The word “Katastrofa” is closely similar to the word catastrophe in English which makes it easy for you to know how to say disaster. Most of the earthquakes take place in the regions of Gorenjska-Ljubljana and Dolenjska-Notranjska-Bela Krajina in Slovenia.

Slovenia is known for its landslides and the areas which are relatively safer in this regard are Primorska and Dolenjska Karst areas. Natural fires in Slovenia are usually in Karst and coast region, and Notranjska region. Another word for disaster in Slovenian is “nesreča” but to say natural disaster “Naravna katastrofa” is used.

Extra Words About Natural Disasters

Here is a table for some words related to disasters in Slovenian. You can use these words to make countless sentences and expand your horizons to get fluent in Slovenian.

Example Sentences

Here is a table with some example sentences for you to learn from.

Man-Made Disasters

As technology is advancing, people are also striving for a better future. In the quest of getting to the best future, there are different blunders that people often make. The best way to explain what man-made disasters are would be “the disasters which are caused by the intentional or unintentional blunders of human beings”.

Man-made disasters are increasing with every passing day and are getting a lot of attention for instance climate change. Learning Slovenian requires a person to know about all the important terms related to man-made disasters since these are the hot topics these days as everyone seems to be talking about them. Slovenia is a country that has a lot of natural sites. However, the country is also advancing as urbanization is increasing thus there are chances of many man-made disasters in Slovenia. There is no specific word for man-made disaster in Slovenian and rather comes in the form of a phrase.

“Katastrofa, ki jo je povzročil človek” is used to refer to a man-made disaster in Slovenian. Before you start screaming, I will break the phrase down into words to make it easy for you to remember. “Katastrofa” as mentioned earlier, sounds like catastrophe and is used for the word disaster. The phrase “ki jo” means “which” “je” refers to “is”, “povzročil” is the past form of the verb “cause” and the word “človek” means “man”. Combining the entire thing we get that a catastrophe is caused by man is called “Katastrofa, ki jo je povzročil človek” meaning a man-made disaster.

This is a simple way of saying man-made disasters in Slovenian. Look at this table to learn the most basic words about man-made disasters in Slovenian.

Example Sentences

Using the words mentioned in the table above, here are some sentences for you to learn how to use those words. These sentences are just for your learning and you should make the sentences of your own for learning in a better way.

Wrapping Up

After this blog, you must be ready to take on the world if you get into any unfortunate disaster. You know all the words needed to explain the situation to a native Slovenian person. Ask for help and understand them. For more content and resource like this, check out other blogs by ling app. We also have blogs about 30+ Easy Slovenian Health And Medical Words and Slovenian Sentence Structure in 6 Easy Ways.

Using translations from google can be problematic since it is not always correct. Ling App by Simya Solutions provides free lessons in each language. It also offers various resources like quizzes, tutorials, and flashcards, etc which have correct translations for each language.

Happy learning!



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