3 Best Ways To Say Thank You In Slovenian

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Slovenian people are extremely generous and humble and might shower you with compliments and gifts if you happen to fall on their good graces. Therefore, you must be aware of some of the most common ways of showing gratitude and phrases to say thank you in Slovenian. If you are ready for that, let’s get started!

Thank You In Slovenian

It is essential to know how to respond when someone is being kind to you. Let’s look at the most common words/phrases to use in different situations while you are in Slovenia.


Slovenian is a South Slavic language, and like other Slavic languages, the word used to express gratitude is hvala. This is an extremely informal and casual way of thanking someone. You can say this when someone has not done an exceptionally huge favor but a small act of kindness that matters.

For instance, if someone lets you go first because they see you in a hurry, you could say hvala.

Hvala Vam

The formal way of saying thank you in Slovenian is Hvala Vam. You should use this when someone older than you (both in status or age) does something you should thank them for.

For instance, if your grandmother makes you cookies, you could say Hvala Vam. Similarly, if your teacher praises you for something and you want to show gratitude in Slovenian, you could say Hvala Vam.

Najlepša Hvala!

What would you say in a situation in which you have been bestowed with a huge favor? You should say Najlepša hvala! which means Thank you very much.

For instance, if you are at a shop and you are at a loss of one euro only, the shopkeeper won’t let you have what you need otherwise. In such a situation, if a stranger comes up to help you, you could use Najlepša hvala!

Other Useful Slovenian Phrases

Here are some of the most common possible thankful responses. You can learn about the right sentence structure and use of words from these statements to make sentences of your own.

Wrapping Up

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Happy Learning!



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