25+ Stylish Tagalog Clothes: An Easy List

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Are you curious about the names of clothes in the Philippines? Today’s post will present the list of various Tagalog clothes that the locals commonly use on special occasions, formal events, and casual situations. If that is something you are interested in, let’s get started!

Tagalog Clothes: An Overview

The national attire of the Philippines for women is Baro’t Saya or Maria Clara Dress (blouse and skirt), which style was inspired by the Spanish style adopted by European style clothing. Some Filipinos wore other traditional attires from the past like Camisa de chino (Chinese collarless shirt) and different formal dress made of the finest rough cotton cloth and local fabrics like thin fabric, pina jusi fabric, and translucent fabric. Unlike other countries, these fabrics are made and worn in the Philippines because Filipino people used to wear thin clothes due to the tropical and maritime climate.

Moreover, the national attire in the Philippines for males is the Barong Tagalog, an embroidered long sleeves men’s clothing that are made from abaca fabric and abaca silk. This is the standard formal attire that various Filipino men have traditionally worn.

The Baro’t Saya and Camisa De Chino are also worn in modern times during special occasions. Also, Filipino people can identify the social status of a Filipino based on how intricate the designs of the attire they are wearing are. Since most Filipinos still wear Filipino traditional clothing on various special occasions like Buwan ng Wika and cultural-Filipino themed weddings, the modern outfit of the Filipinos also reflects the culture of the Philippines. Knowing that the Philippines is a conservative country, most designs still cover much of the skin.

Famous Filipino Designers With Their Notable Designs

Apart from that, I introduce some Filipino designers known for their designs. The fabrics and materials are made and inspired by the Philippines. Below are some of the well-known Filipino designers in the world:

25+ Tagalog Clothes With English Translations

Below is the list of 25+ Tagalog Clothes and the various modern Filipino clothing and accessories that Filipinos usually wear:

Other Tagalog Clothes And Accessories

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