200 Slovenian Names And Nicknames: An Easy List

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Are you looking for some Slovenian names and nicknames that could help you learn about the Slovenian culture? Are you about to name your newborn and need the help of a Slovenian guide? In this post, we will walk you through the top 200 common names along with their gender for you to choose a perfect name for your cause. So let’s dive in!

Slovenian names are truly beautiful. Like in any language, the Slovenian names also have a proper meaning and context. Some names are still told with a certain connection or association to a folktale, while others have lost their essence. Many traditional names in Slovenia have been derived from different sources and are not all native. One example of that is the name CVETKA. It is believed that cvetka has been possibly derived from St. Theresa. Another example could be pepe since it has an Italian origin.

Common Slovenian Names And Nicknames

You can find both female names/women’s names and male names/ men’s names in this list. Most of these names are in Slovene form but might have some equivalents in central Europe. These names are also used as the middle name in most cases. Let’s now look at this quick fix:

Family Names

Each family name in Slovenia is unique and powerful. Let’s now look at some family names in Slovenian below.

Did you know that there are different derivations and reasons behind the Slovenian’s names? Those could be anything from being nicknames to settlements, etc. Some Slovenian names are derived from nicknames like Bolha, Zajc/Zajec, Jež, Volk/Vovk, Kos, Maček, Medved, Zver, Jelen, Golob, and Sraka. The names in Slovenia are also derived from various settlements like Gorenc, Blatnik, Ravnikar, Smrekar, Hrastnik, Novak, Dolenc, Hribar, Potočnik, Dolinšek, Mlakar, Korošec, Furlan.

As we reach the end of this post, we hope you can learn more about the names in Slovenia. If you are interested to also know about the naming conventions in other countries, feel free to check out these posts:

Wrapping Up

Learning the Slovenian Language appears complicated for most learners. If you are a person with a combination of firm determination and curiosity, then your search ends here as we suggest you check out Ling App by Simya Solutions. It is a great way to begin learning different Slavic languages, which can benefit you in the longer run.



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