20+ Fascinating Hobbies In Malayalam

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Struggling to get better at speaking Malayalam words? Don’t worry! To make your language journey super fun and informative, this post will cover fresh content related to hobbies in Malayalam with similar and opposite words that will surely improve your Malayalam language skills.

No matter where you go, to start conversations and bonding, knowing each other’s interests and hobbies plays a vital role. And if you are traveling to Kerala soon, the knowledge of some words like നീന്തൽ (Swimming), നൃത്തം (dancing), etc., and the translations in the native language will help you communicate with the locals without feeling out of place. Especially when it concerns such a vibrant and literate state of India, the words of the Malayalam dictionary will indefinitely come in handy during your journey. So, if you want to learn more, continue reading!

How To Say Hobbies In Malayalam?

Let us first figure out how to pronounce the word Hobbies or Hobby in Malayalam. As we know, the meaning of hobby is considered a leisurely activity that people enjoy and engage in voluntarily. In Kerala, you will see people encouraging unique types of hobbies.

In the Malayalam language, you call the word “Hobby” ഹോബി, which sounds the same. But to make it more local, you can use the word വിനോദം (vinēādaṁ). It means “entertainment” or “pastime,” and you will find most local people using these words as synonyms for “hobby.”

Further, if you want to say “Hobbies,” you can simply use ഹോബികൾ, pronounced as hēābikaḷ. And for “Hobbyist,” a person who pursues a hobby, you can say ഹോബിയിസ്റ്റ്, which says hēābiyisṟṟ.

Essential Malayalam Words On Hobbies

Hobbies can be of different types. While some people love to play, others love to relax. In Kerala, stamp collecting, gardening, and pottering are considered among the locals’ most common and loved hobbies. There are several other leisurely activities that the locals do, and we will cover all those below.

1. Gardening — പൂന്തോട്ടപരിപാലനം

The first and most common hobby of Malayali people is Gardening. Called പൂന്തോട്ടപരിപാലനം (pūntēāṭṭaparipālanaṁ), gardening is a hobby cultivated since they are a child which is why many grew up taking care of their little gardens at home. With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, the locals reignited their passion for this hobby. Recently, many business sectors have tried promoting 600 varieties of flowers at home and have made the seeds accessible. With this said, it is possible that you can find more flowers blooming in Kerala in the years to come!

2. Pottery — മൺപാത്രങ്ങൾ

The next word that you need to learn is മൺപാത്രങ്ങൾ. Pronounced as maṇpātraṅṅaḷ, pottery is another favorite of the locals due to its relaxing nature. Pottery captures people’s creativity, and locals spend time creating a sense of wonder regarding the Earth in its original form. From pottery classes to studios, you will find hundreds of them in Kerala. Even in tourist areas, you will see many pots with unique shapes and designs that people make in their leisurely time and sell for profit.

3. Dancing — നൃത്തം

Dancing or നൃത്തം (nr̥ttaṁ) is considered a very sacred activity. While there are professional dancers, the dance culture in Kerala is so vibrant that every household drops for its beauty. Kathakali and Mohiniyattam are two popular classical dance forms in Kerala that every other person is fond of. From the costumes to the makeup, nothing can beat the amount of excitement you can find in this exhilarating (and also exhausting) hobby!

4. Reading — വായന

Since you are traveling to the most literate place in India, reading or വായന (vāyana) as a hobby should not be a surprise for you. There are passionate readers in Kerala, and you will find many colonial libraries. Sometimes readers also indulge in writing (എഴുത്തു- eḻuttu) and creating books that can blow your mind. So, if you love reading too, you will make many friends in the country.

5. Boating — ബോട്ടിംഗ്

Although not very common in most places due to natural conditions, ബോട്ടിംഗ് (bēāṭṭiṅg) in Kerala is a fun activity. Since the state is filled with water bodies, people love to spend time boating with their families and loved ones. The boating arena is quite big and usually embellished in traditional ways. If you time your travel correctly, you can join vallam kali or boat races in the summer.

6. Fishing- മത്സ്യബന്ധനം

Being blessed with marine wealth, Kerala is a wonderland for people who love fishing. In fact, Kerala’s share of national marine production is around 13% of the country, and the state has nurtured highly skilled fishermen of different ages. With so many spots available for this hobby, most locals like spending time alone or with their children to go sightseeing or fishing.

7. Bird Watching- പക്ഷി നിരീക്ഷണം

If you are fond of wandering into nature to watch birds, you will find many like-minded people in Kerala. Bird watching, known as പക്ഷി നിരീക്ഷണം (pakṣi nirīkṣaṇaṁ), is another trendy hobby of the locals. Since Kerala is blessed with beautiful nature and large sanctuaries, finding unique birds worth staring at is easy. So, make sure you get the best pictures during your journey!

More Hobbies In The Malayalam Language

In this section, we will translate English words related to all types of hobbies in Malayalam. Learning further will enhance your vocabulary and make your speaking skills better. Later, we will discover some familiar sentences that will help you interact smoothly.



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