20+ Bosnian Love Words And Phrases For Romance

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4 min readJun 19, 2022


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Do you want to show more love and respect using Bosnian love words and phrases? Learn romance words like “Darling,” “Draga,” and “Heart,” “Srce” if you are preparing to visit your loved ones in Bosnia.

Bosnian-speaking people are warm, cheerful, and loveable. You can use love words and phrases to take the lead and develop a sweet connection. It takes time to fall in “love” “Ljubav,” but it takes a second to learn Bosnian love words and phrases.

So, to win the heart of a Bosnian person, you must learn the Bosnian language from Ling App. Visit Bosnia, speak Bosnian, and develop stronger bonds with the native people.

The Popular Bosnian Love Words And Phrases

Love words and phrases capture one’s heart, but the sincerity behind the effort is the main thing. Bosnian people appreciate it if you speak their language. So, if you want to say to your loved one, “You are my special,” say it in Bosnian. In Bosnian, it will translate as “Ti si veoma poseban!”

If you speak English but want to impress your beloved Bosnian partner, speak a few words in the Bosnian language. Read the following table to learn other love words or phrases.

Common Bosnian Love Phrases

If you want to make your words extra sweet, use “I love you more than anything.” Translated in Bosnian as “Volim te više od svega.” You will notice how this phrase will make their hearts race fast.

Saying this sentence will reveal your true feelings to that person. Everyone will agree that this is one of the best things we wish to hear.

Bosnian Love Words And Phrases To Compliment Someone

It is important to complement each other with lovely and sweet words in a relationship. The use of love words will make your other half-smile. So, compliment your loved person by saying, “You are the person of my dreams.” In Bosnian, the phrase is “Ti si osoba mojih snova.”

Moreover, on your date, if you want to say, “You look beautiful,” say it in Bosnian. Speaking sweetly in Bosnian, the above phrase will translate into “Izgledaš lijepo.” Here are some other beautiful Bosnian phrases to compliment your significant other.

Endearing Bosnian Love Words And Phrases

Bosnians do not just address their loved ones by their first names. They use endearment terms for the one person they adore. Here are some endearment terms you might use to address your beloved partner.

Some Other Basic Bosnian Phrases

While in Bosnia, you might need to learn some basic greetings and other important sentences.

Learn Bosnian Right Away!

If you found this blog post interesting, you should learn more than just Bosnian love words and phrases. I know from firsthand experience that learning a foreign language can change your life. It not only affects your personal life but can also do wonders for your career. The world is a big place and is ripe to explore.

If you’re wondering how to learn Bosnian quickly, Ling App is here to assist you. Ling will teach you new languages through fun, dynamic, and engaging activities and games.

Native Instructors on Ling will help you learn the Bosnian phrases efficiently. The reason for learning from native instructors is native people know their local language better than any other person.

Thus, taking lessons from natives will guide you in learning proper sounds and pronunciation. So, do not waste any time and get Ling App to learn Bosnian today. Get started learning and read more about Bosnian from the blog “Basic Bosnian phrases for beginners.



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