17+ Amazing Shapes In Slovenian

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4 min readApr 30, 2023

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Are you learning Slovenian and fond of mathematics? In that case, you should know about the basic Oblike or shapes in Slovenian. We created this post for you to help you get started on the right way! Keep reading below to learn more!

You might think of shapes as something only math students must learn, but it is much more. You should know about geometric shapes because you will need them daily. How do you describe something? You might say with the help of color, but that comes next to the first shapes. Suppose you are telling someone to bring a plate without specifying its form. Will you get your desired shape? The person might bring you a rectangular plate while you ask for a square one.

Shapes define everything. Everything has figures, be it the mighty Earth or an ordinary door in a garage. We can also identify things and their differences based on their shapes. With that considered, let’s get to know more about the translations for the common shapes in Slovenian below.

2 Common Shapes In Slovenian


A circle is a round surface that you can draw by placing a compass point or pen in the middle and removing the circumference with an equal radius on all sides. Different things come in a circle, like a tortilla, pita bread, lids, etc.

Let’s now learn some common words related to a circle.


A triangle is a figure with three lines and angles. It’s called trikotnik in Slovenian. The three types of triangles are equilateral, isosceles, and scalene. Some common examples of a triangle are nachos, alert signs, sandwiches, hangers, etc.

Let’s learn some useful vocabulary about a triangle.

A Complete List Of Shapes In Slovenian

Here is a list of all the words related to different shapes in Slovenian. Once you memorize these, try to use them in your sentences which will help you remember them for good.

Common Questions About Shapes In Slovenian

Here are some common questions you might encounter while taking an exam in Slovenian.

Useful Sentences About Shapes In Slovenian

And finally, let’s learn some useful sentences about shapes in Slovenian.

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