16 Easy Punjabi Words About Transportation

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There is no denying that it is inconvenient to travel if you do not know the basic Punjabi words about transportation. Without any knowledge about what a car or a bus means in the language, you might end up facing tons of challenges just to get to a particular place. In this post, we will give you a full list of the basic translations that you can use so that you can start traveling with style and focus on enjoying the traveling moment. Of course, there are people in the country who understands English, but talking to the locals in a language that is close to their heart will never hurt you.

Punjab is a famous land area of India and Pakistan and is known for its culture and unique food. Locals exhibit vast affection for their native language, and they appreciate it when foreigners try to communicate with them in Punjabi. If you are planning to visit the country and would love to see for yourself what it has to offer, then we highly recommend that you start by learning the basic words, expressions, and phrases that you can use when speaking with the locals. Read below to find out more.

Basic Punjabi Words About Transportation

Foreign guests frequently hire taxis because they do not have access to private vehicles. If you are willing to bring your ID, you may also rent your own car but that usually ends up costing you more than you can imagine. In addition, you may also pre-book your transportation before you even leave your country by using handy applications like Klook. As a result, if you visit Punjab, you should communicate with Punjabis in their native tongue and learn even the basic greetings. In Punjab, you should use the phrase “ਟੈਕਸੀ ਜਾਂ ਕੈਬ” or “Ṭaikasī jāṁ kaiba” instead of taxi or cab.

Traveling, in general, is a blend of public transportation and tourism attraction sites. Local Punjabis and foreigners alike enjoy traveling by train because it is a less expensive mode of transportation and is very reliable. If you want to travel by train and speak in Punjabi, you must say” “Rla ga” instead of just plainly saying “train”. To catch every beautiful aspect of Punjab, you have to travel every day and hire a transport. When discussing a country’s transportation, the following are the most regularly used words.

Road Vehicles

In Punjab, transportation covers land, water, railroad, and air. Riding public transportation in Punjab is something that you must experience when you would like to go on a trip to their country as it opens you to an opportunity to speak with the locals. Out of all means of transportation modes, traveling by road vehicles is the preferable option to many of the locals.

In everyday life, you will see trucks and other vehicles crossing lands and highways. Truck drivers are not well educated in English so, to communicate with them, say truck in Punjabi and pronounce “ਟਰੱਕ” “Traka.” Please note that you must also learn the correct pronunciation because it is essential to learn a new language. Check out the list of common road vehicles and learn the basic transportation vocabulary.

Water Vehicles

The boat is the most popular long-distance mean of transportation. Traveling by boat is a convenient and enjoyable way to take a tour of the city. Small boats are frequently utilized for short-distance transportation and sightseeing. When riding tiny boats, always maintain a high level of safety.

While riding a boat, there is a policy and terms to ensure the passengers’ safety. Nowadays, Punjab ferry services include high-speed ferries that allow passengers to travel within Punjab and even to other countries. While visiting various destinations by boat, you should be familiar with the fundamental jargon of Punjabi transportation. The most frequent water vehicle is presented below.

Other Important Phrases

Now that you’ve mastered the various means of transportation in Punjabi, it’s time to expand your Punjabi transportation vocabulary. Read on below and take note of the most common phrases used by the locals that are also related to transportation and travel.

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