15+ Common Georgian Vocabulary: An Easy List

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Are you interested in impressing the locals? Learn more about the common Georgian vocabulary used in everyday life in today’s blog post! If you are ready to find the best words to use, continue reading below! At the end of the day, having the ability to blurt out certain words can seriously help you in navigating life or simply traveling in a Georgian-speaking country.

The official language of Georgia is Georgian or ქართული ენა (kartuli ena). Other countries influenced some of the words and phrases used in Georgia today. One of those languages which affected the Georgian language used today is English. In fact, some Georgians speak English words as well in day-to-day conversations. Aside from the language, the culture from other neighboring countries is adopted, such as the family traditions, dating culture, foods, and cooking ingredients.

If you are a visitor to this country, you may encounter different locals speaking common Georgian words, expressions (non-verbal communication), and even proverbs. Some of you may hear it spoken at local markets, churches, and on the street. That’s why, if you want to sound like a local, you need to understand and learn common and vital words that are used in Georgia.

15+ Common Georgian Vocabulary

თბილისი Tbilisi — A Warm Place

  • Since Georgia has different weathers and climates, some of the foreigners and guests in the country wanted to visit during early summer because the weather is warm (not that hot and not that cold). You can use the Georgian word Tbilisi if you were asked by the locals about the reason why you visit the country. Moreover, Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia.

მზე Mze — Sun

  • Sun is a common symbol in Georgia that is related to the Mesopotamian symbols which is the meaning of eternity. Learning this common word is another way of learning the country’s history and culture.

ცა Tsa — Sky

  • One of the main reasons why this word is very common in the country is it is related to mountainous regions. Once you visit the country, the blue sky is another wonderful scenery especially in Eastern Georgia, wherein you will see high-houses and mountains.

თოვლი Tov-li — Snow

  • Aside from having a warm place during early summer, the country also experienced mild winters, specifically in the southwestern part of Georgia. However, snow in Georgia is rarely seen in December. You can see it as early as late in November and only in the mountain regions.

ფიფქი Pip-qi — Snowflake

  • When there’s snow in Georgia, they also look for snowflakes. So if you visit Georgia during winter and see a snowflake, you can say that to the locals that you saw a ‘pip-qi.’

მთა Mta — Mountain

  • Due to the country’s location, there are numerous mountains that you can visit in the country. Georgians used the word ‘Mta’ instead of ‘mountain.’

თითი Ti-ti — Finger

  • If you come to Georgia, there are a variety of finger food to choose from. Using ‘Ti-ti’ is one of the best ways of eating Georgians traditional cuisines like Georgian dumplings or Khinkali.

ბუმბული Bum-bu-li — Feather

  • In Georgia, there are several kinds of birds wandering and flying in the blue sky of the country. Due to the vast amount of birds, you can identify them by looking at the colour of their feathers. The Georgian word for feather is ‘Bum-bu-li.’

მზესუმზირა Mzes-um-zi-ra — Sunflower

  • One of the most tourist attractions in Georgia is their sunflower fields. The reason that they have vast sunflower fields is that the country is one of the producers of sunflower oil which is the staple in Eastern Georgia cuisine.

პეპელა Pe-pe-la — Butterfly

  • Apart from several varieties of birds in Georgia, there are also various butterflies that you can see in the mountainous regions of the country.

პილპილი Pil-pi-li — Black Pepper

  • Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in making Georgian traditional cuisines. For these reasons, some of their cuisines taste a little bit spicy that’s why they partnered it with wine.

ყველი q’veh-lee — Cheese

  • The other common food and ingredient in the country is the Georgian cheese. This is different from other cheese because it came from cow’s milk., It is also brined and white in colour. So if you want to have an additional cheese, don’t forget to memorize the Georgian word ‘q-veh-lee.’

პური p’oo-ree — Bread

  • Eating bread in Georgia is also one of their tradition. There are also varieties of bread that are filled and topped with cheese and other spices that you could try when visiting the country. Just say the word ‘p’oo-ree’, if you want to have a taste of the unique Georgian bread.

ლუ­დი loo-dee — Beer

  • Drinking beer in Georgia is one of the main festivals in the country. It is commonly called the ‘Tbilisi Beer Festival’ which is held during summer, every year. So if you are a beer-lover and wanted to attend the beer festival, memorizing the Georgian word ‘loo-dee’ is a must if you want to have more beer.

ჩაი chah-ee Tea

  • Other than drinking beer, having tea (either hot or cold) is another must-drink beverage in the country. Georgia produced unique and fancy flavours of tea that are partnered in eating Georgian bread. Moreover, the country cultivated tea for the past 30 years and is one of the producers of tea in the world.

წითელი/თეთრი ღვინო ts’ee-teh-lee/teh-tree ghvee-noh — Red/White Wine

  • Georgia is also known for making and drinking red wine and white wine. It is also the oldest producer of wine in the world. So if you are a wine-lover and wanted to visit the country, you should memorize the Georgian term ‘ ts’ee-teh-lee/teh-tree ghvee-noh’.

Other Georgian Vocabulary

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