100 Wonderful Names In Latvian With Their Meanings

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Congratulations!!! Babies are indeed a blessing to the family from Almighty! What better way to celebrate than giving him or her meaningful and beautiful names in Latvian? We think so too! Therefore, Ling app has bundled some names under it to ensure that your child will stand out from the crowd of peers.

Male Latvian names end with the first or second declension, which can be -s/-š or -is. A few male names Latvian, especially foreign names, can end with the indeclinable “o’’. Latvian females given names have a fourth or fifth declension ending, which can be a ‘’a’’ or ‘’e’’, respectively. When addressing children or expressing love, the abbreviated form of the name is used.

The Latvia Language

Latvia is surrounded on four sides by Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, and Russia. Latvia is a highly developed country with a high human development index and an advanced high-income economy.

According to history, Latvia was ruled by Russia, Poland, and Sweden. The country was founded in 1918 when it separated from the Russian Empire and then declared independence after the ending of the First World War. Ancient history tells the story of the native Barthes, who once traded with the Romans. Medieval history shows that the rule of German and Sweden over Latvia brought many cultural changes to this land. Latvia was again under Soviet rule and finally declared independence in 1991. Latvian is more closely related to Lithuanian.

Names In Latvian For Boys And Girls

Beautiful And Famous Masculine Names In Latvian

In Latvian culture, Latvian surnames and initial names as baby names play an important role. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful and popular names in Latvian for boys.

Beautiful And Modern Latvian Female Names

Following is a list of some of the most beautiful names in Latvian for girls with their meanings.

Category Of Nicknames In Latvian

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