10 Most Common Serbian Names You Need To Know

These common Serbian names are extremely popular today, not only in Serbia but also many other countries. Serbia is a small country located in south-eastern Europe. When you talk to someone from Serbia, you will most probably hear about their diverse country and rich traditions. Serbian names also exhibit this diversity as they sound unique.

Here is our list of some of the most meaningful and exotic Serbian male and female names:

Luka (‘Loo — kah‘) — the most common Serbian name for men

Milan (‘Mee — lahn‘)

Vuk (‘Voo-k ‘)

Dušan (‘Duw-sae-n’)

Marko (‘Muh-ae-ruh-kuh-o‘)

Milica (‘Miy-Lih-ts-ah’) — the most common Serbian name for woman

Ana (‘Aw-nah’)

Teodora (‘Thee-uh-daw-ruh)

Sara (‘Sair-uh‘)

Nina (‘Nee-nuh’)

Common Serbian names and language exhibit the diversity of Serbia. If you want to learn more Serbian names or other words for that matter, you can use language learning apps like Ling App.

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