10+ Essential Guide To Punjabi Emergency Phrases

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How would you communicate with the pure Punjabis if they don’t understand you or you don’t know the meaning of what they are trying to say? To help you avoid this panic feeling, we’ve got your back. Learn 10+ urgent Punjabi phrases for emergencies.

Punjabi Emergency Phrases

Yeah! You’re visiting and wandering the beautiful, traditional, and cultural streets of Indian Punjabi or Punjabi-based society. You are full of cash. You know how to take care of yourself. You know the basics of the official language of that country — Hindi of India or English of Canada for example. But, what if you encounter an EMERGENCY!

Types Of Emergencies

There could be certain types of emergencies you may face during your travel. But first, you have to verify the type of emergency you are encountering which could be:

  • Robbery
  • Burglary or fraud
  • Road accident
  • Health issues and hospital visits
  • Fire at your place of residence
  • Streetfight
  • Sudden fever, etc

We are here to help you with general and medical Punjabi emergency phrases and Punjabi words for quick assistance during emergency services.

General Emergency Phrases In Punjabi

These are the general Punjabi phrases and words you should know and learn during your visit to any Punjabi society for quick action if you encounter any state of emergency regarding police., robbery, fire, or fraud.

Medical Phrases In Punjabi

Below are the relevant and helpful medical Punjabi phrases and words during fast emergency services regarding hospitals, calling an ambulance, or visiting a doctor.

Bonus Phrases

The Punjabi language sounds cool and fun If your pronunciation is correct.

Why only depend on these phrases. Let us learn more,

Guidance To Learn the Punjabi Language

Websites And Applications

After having a firm grip on these phrases you can learn more Punjabi words. You can take help from several language learning sites and apps where they have proper guidance, content, and complete translational activities in English and Romanization too

Search on Google Play Store or Apple Store regarding these websites and applications respectively, and tap on them.

For websites and applications, you may go through the procedure of signup, developing your ID after asking your consent-accept the website’s permission, choosing the subject as the Punjabi language, click your preferences so they measure your degree of level, and develop the relevant content and interface according to your needs and priorities of language learning.

The good part is that such websites and apps provide data, meanings, and charts for beginners and advanced tools and software to analyze and then comment on for you to improve and prepare better.

Unpopular tip- Don’t get annoyed by the ads.

Google Translate

We all approve of the effectiveness of Google Translate. Then why not use it during practical emergency situations because not everyone speaks English. When you are unable to understand the native Punjabi speakers try using the translation by google during this emergency state.

  • Search for Google Translator on the search bar.
  • Type or speak the content or phrases you want to translate
  • You may also ask them to speak here so you get the meaning of what they are trying to say.

TADAAA! You have your personal tutors now in your pocket.


Using only these digital tools to learn the content is not enough. You’ll have to put in more effort to improve your learning and prepare for emergency situations. Several examples of tips,

  • At night, you can revise what phrases you learned today.
  • Quick flashcards, during work breaks, would also be effective.
  • Pocket dictionary for quick search of the meaning of a difficult and complex noun.
  • Share; try practicing speaking with native speakers.

Get on board and start your Punjabi learning journey.

Wrapping Up!

That’s it for this blog! We hope you learned a bunch of useful Punjabi emergency phrases. Also, check out Saying Beautiful in Punjabi and How Are You In Punjabi by Ling App. Ling App ensures that you learn a new language in a fun and easy way!

Happy Learning!



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