10+ Easy Ways To Say Thank You In Irish

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Want to know how to say Thank you in Irish Gaelic? Here we bring you a blog from which you can learn some epic ways of thanking the locals like a real pro. As we all know, this expression is very positive and can seriously help you earn some brownie points with the locals. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Thanking In The Irish Culture

Irish culture is full of etiquettes like saying thank you and please. If you ever get a chance to go to Ireland, even you could be shocked at how often the people thank each other. Thanking for something big makes sense, but the Irish people thank each other even at very simple things. One example of that could be by thanking the driver of a bus.

Thanking The Bus Driver

We often see people asking why Irish people are thanking the driver of a bus. As an English speaker, you might leave the bus when you reach your destination without saying thank you to the bus driver. However, if you ever go to Ireland, you would learn to thank the driver as well.

You can use any Irish phrases you would learn in this blog to thank the driver when you leave the bus. Thanking the driver is important because despite being paid, the driver also helped you reach your destination safely, and now that you are leaving you should at least show some gratitude and say thank you in Irish.

You do not have to go for any complex Irish blessings or old Irish sayings for this purpose. Instead, you can simply say Go raibh maith agat, and it will suffice. Wise old Irish words can be used in other ways, like sending a thank you note.

Sending A Thank-You Note

While being in Ireland, expressing gratitude is important. Just a lovely way of thanking in Ireland is by giving the Irish blessing on a note. Many people in Ireland write a note with different Irish blessings on it and some cute doodles. Those cute doodles can have anything on them, like a cupcake or other doodles.

If you have recently come across a situation in which you got something nice from your colleague, then a good gesture on your part could be by sending them a thank you note. A card with the best wishes for good health will be a great option if you want to show your deep gratitude in the Irish way.

Ways To Say Thank You In irish

There are different ways of thanking someone in Irish, and here are the most common ones.


The first way of saying thank you in Irish Gaelic is by saying Buíochas. Buíochas is a phrase that means “thank you” in Irish. There are different times when the Irish people use this phrase; however, it is not considered a popular expression or common courtesy in the Irish language.

You can use this phrase in certain formal situations, like when you are talking to your teacher or trying to thank your leader, but most Irish tend not to use Buíochas in Ireland.

An example of this phrase will be “Tá buíochas agam ort.” having the literal translation of “I thank you.”

Míle Buíochas

How fun it is to learn the phrases which stem from similar words so that they are easier to learn. Here we will tell you about its variation “míle buíochas” which means “a thousand thanks.” This is used a lot in Ireland. Almost all people are seen using this phrase whenever they want to show gratitude.

There are chances that an Irish person would use míle buíochas that you would get used to it. You might not even want to use any other word to say thank you in Irish besides Míle buíochas.

Go Raibh Maith Agaibh

Did you know that in Irish Gaelic, there are different ways of talking to a group of people as compared to the English language? One way of doing so is by saying, “ Go raibh maith agaibh” which means “That was good in you.” This is a great way of letting someone know that they are good people, and you want to thank them for their kindness.

You can say “ Go raibh maith agaibh” to all your friends when they throw a birthday surprise party for you, and now you somehow need to reciprocate that. Being with multiple people gives you a chance to use this phrase easily.

Go Méadaí Dia Thú

Let’s dig deeper into the cultural sayings which Irish people use based on their religion. A phrase most people use to thank religiously is “Go méadaí Dia thú.” The literal translation of this religious expression is “May God increase you,” and the people in Ireland use it a lot.

The increase used in this context could be based on the level of happiness or blessings in general. It also has an English equivalent which is “God bless you.” If you are talking to the older generation, then this should be your go-to phrase for thanking someone. However, if you are talking to a young person, then you might as well skip this phrase altogether.

Go Raibh Míle Maith Agat

The Irish Gaelic way of thanking someone is way different from the English way. Even the Irish people who speak Irish tend to over exaggerate their feelings of gratitude towards the person whom they want to thank. This makes the other person feel good and happy but amazed at the same time since the English speakers do not exaggerate or extend it as much as the Irish people do.

This takes us to a very common way to say thank you in Irish Gaelic: “Go raibh míle maith agat.” The literal translation of this phrase is “Have a million good things” or “thank you very much.” Just like many English speakers say, “thanks a million,” the people in Ireland make it a million goodnesses instead of thanks.

Go Raibh Maith Agat

Since the previous phrase we learned had an extra word, let’s shorten that phrase and make it easy to use. Go raibh maith agat is yet another way that the people in Ireland used to thank each other. It simply means “thank you very much in Irish.” It literally means “may you get many goodnesses.”

Other Useful Irish Expressions

Here is a go-to list for you to check out in case you are trying to learn how to say thank you in Irish.

Responding To Thanks

It is not obligatory for you to say thank you only. In some cases, even the person you are talking to might say thank you. In that situation, you would need ways to respond to that. If you are having trouble thinking of ways to respond to that, we got you covered for that.


The first way of taking someone’s thanks is by saying fáilte. This is the easiest way, and it translates to welcome. This is a shortened version and can be used in most casual conversations.

Tá fáilte romhat

If you are talking to someone older than you or at a higher status than you, then try saying Tá fáilte romhat. This is a formal and professional way of telling someone that you acknowledge their gratitude. This also shows that you are willing to help them again when they need some help.

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog helped you learn the famous Irish words you can use while in Ireland to show you. Each Irish phrase has its specification, which makes it unique. If you liked this blog, we would like you to get a glimpse of some other blogs like Irish Pronouns and Colors in Irish. The Ling App by Simya Solutions allows you to gain insight into many languages. It is essential for every individual to know different languages in today’s world. Why not start with a place which provides all the study essentials in one fantastic platform. Download our app and keep checking our blogs to stay posted.

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