10+ Easy Ways To Say Sorry In Latvian

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4 min readSep 20, 2021

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Do not let your pride come in when you are learning to say sorry in Latvian. In Latvian, saying “I’m sorry (man žēl)” is one of the most important words to learn because you may need to use this word in various situations.

Whenever you encounter a situation in which you need to say sorry to the people of Latvia, you must not hesitate and say sorry (piedod) in Latvian. As Latvian people love their native language, you must show your warm gestures and apologize in the Latvian language if you have committed some mistake by chance.

Latvian is known as the language of Latvia, is also termed as Baltic language. People of the eastern shore are known for being the Baltic language spoken. Latvian people are soft-hearted and get emotional with little things. If you have a conversation with Latvian people, be very respectful and humble.

Common Vocabulary To Say Sorry In Latvian

Saying sorry is not tricky in English, but if you are planning a trip to Latvia, there are different ways to say sorry and ask for an apology in Latvian. So, it all depends on the situation and the person you are speaking with when it comes to apologizing.

Always keep respectful and formal gestures while saying sorry to the stranger. That’s why it is important first to understand the Latvian language and then learn the basic words to avoid embarrassing situations. Maybe the person you apologize to may not understand your language, so learning to say sorry by watching a video or a native Latvian speaker can also teach you.

Just learn the language with the familiar words of saying sorry. Here is a list of common Latvian words that you should learn how to express sorry in Latvian.

Basic Phrases To Say Sorry In Latvian

It is important to understand the basic phrases of saying sorry in Latvian. There can happen situations when you accidentally bump into someone, so you have to apologize immediately. In this situation, say, “I would like to apologize,” which translates as “es gribētu atvainoties.” Try to speak in Latvian as this is the best practice, and continuous repeat of words may help you in easy learning.

You are in a community where you do not know the cultures and traditions. So, be respectful, say sorry in the native Latvian language, and represent the respectful personality of your country.

Other Latvian Phrases To Say Sorry In Latvian

Whether you want to spend a few days in Latvia on a leisure or business trip, there is nothing more beneficial for you than being able to speak a few sentences in Latvian Furthermore, Latvians will appreciate your efforts, and they certainly will be more willing to help.

Saying sorry does not change the past, but you can undoubtedly improve the future. You can build good friends with foreign people if you apologize and remember not to make the same mistake again. Here are some more Latvian phrases and expressions to say sorry.

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