10+ Best Malayalam Animal Names To Learn Now

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Ready to go on a trip to Kerala? If you plan to visit, you must also learn about the Malalayam animal names since this is a topic that many of the locals are very much interested in. After all, this is one of the best places where you can see almost 285 species or മൃഗങ്ങൾ (or mr̥gaṅṅaḷ)! Basically, the land is blessed with the natural beauty of mother nature and different wildlife species- from the Asian elephant to the Bengal Tiger, Kerala has it all!

Ready to learn more? Keep reading below!

Malayalam Animal Names

Do you know the Western Ghats, which run parallel to the Arabian Sea through the land of Kerala, is one of the precious places according to the locals? This is because this stretch of land is home to diverse vegetation types. In fact, Kerala consists of 9400 km sq of natural forests and is where you can find some of the rarest plant and animal species in the world. For this reason, many biologists and environmental activists are promoting this place and looking for ways to preserve it.

In today’s post, let’s focus first on the animal names by dividing them into domestic and wild animals. Let’s get started!

Pet Animals Names

Dog (നായ)

The dog is called the നായ, the pronunciation goes like nāya, in Malayalam, and is one of the most popularly seen pet animals in Malayali households. There is no doubt that dogs make an absolute precious pet for every other person, and Kerala is no exception. Apart from dogs as pets, they are also quite popular with the Kerala police section, which trains dogs and takes them as security assets.

Cat (പൂച്ച)

Other than dogs, cats, known as പൂച്ച (pūcca) in Malayalam, is also beloved domestic animal. There are different breeds of cats found around India, and even Kerala has a safe house for the specific Persian Cat. They have clubs and cat farms that take up the duty of caring for the animals and helping people adopt without any issues. Animals indeed make our day better, and pūcca for Keralian people hold a unique position. So, if you visit Kerala, make sure you have a good time with the cats and feed them with utter love.

Buffalo (പോത്ത്)

While it might come out as a pretty different type of animal than the previous two, Kerala being a part of a country that adores farmers and farming, Buffalo, known as പോത്ത് (pēātt), is one of the most desired pets, especially in the village counterparts. If you visit a village area with open fields to graze, you will see hundreds of buffalos with traditional setups that help them assist the farmers. Thus, buffalos do make one-of-a-kind pet animals for people living in India.

Cow (പശു)

പശു (paśu) is the Malayalam word for Cow, and just like buffalos, cows also make a precious pet. However, unlike dogs and cats, Kerala has cows primarily for commercial purposes like milk supply. Nevertheless, many villages and farmhouses keep cows as their adored goddess because cows hold an exalted position in the Hindu culture.

Goat (ആട്)

The goat is another farmhouse animal that the Indians love, especially Kerala’s people. Known as ആട് (āṭ) in Malayalam, goats and their milk also make up a big business. However, they are loved by many people as just pets, and you are sure to encounter goats in every corner of India.

Wild Animal Names

Tiger (കടുവ)

Coming to wild animal names, the tiger is known as കടുവ (kaṭuva) in the Malayalam language, and they are a national sign in India. There are around 190 Tigers at present in the entire State, among which the Bengal Tiger is the most popular one. The national park keeps the animals under strict check and provides a beautiful zoo for them and the tourists to enjoy their sight.

Lion (സിംഹം)

The pronunciation of the word Lion in Malayalam is സിംഹം (sinhaṁ). Asiatic lions are commonly seen in the national zoo of Kerala, and you can have an excellent sight of them if you visit them.

Leopard (പുള്ളിപ്പുലി)

Leopard is called പുള്ളിപ്പുലി (puḷḷippuli) and is also quite popularly seen in zoos alongside tigers and lions. Around 650 leopards are recorded in Kerala, and mostly the species is the Indian Leopard which is distributed extensively in the Indian continent.

Bear (കരടി)

The fantastic animal bear, or as we call കരടി (karaṭi), is another exciting view in the zoos of India. The sloth bear, a species native to the Indian subcontinent, is popularly seen, and they are no less beautiful than any other species.

Other Malayalam Animal Names

Is Learning The Malayalam Language Hard?

After learning a few animal names, now is the perfect time to extend your knowledge further by learning more about the Malayalam language. While you cannot become a total native speaker overnight, it is still possible to master this if you give yourself some time to practice. Unfortunately, many learners get stuck with the question of whether learning Malayalam is hard.

As you probably can notice, the writing system and pronunciation of each word are quite different and challenging to conceive at first. The truth is that Malayalam is a complex language that is not typically easy to learn. It is one of the Dravidian languages of India, and even North Indians sometimes find it challenging to grasp some of the concepts related to it. Add to that is the fact that it is also quite an old language founded centuries ago and has a grammatical structure that is unique and extensively based on the Sanskritic scripts.

Well, hardship is a natural process for every non-speaker. But if you keep researching every day and go through our lessons here at Ling, mastering this language will be easy!

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As we talk about the difficulty of learning the language, Ling can be your guide every step of the way. It is baffling at first when it comes to new languages, especially one that no one speaks in your country. But just like you learn about the animals and animal names in the above sections, you see that it is not altogether impossible to understand.

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