#1 Tandem Vs Memrise Review: Best Language Learning Apps

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In today’s Tandem VS Memrise review, we will provide you with no biased comparisons so you can know what to expect from these popular language learning applications.

If you want to learn a second language, there is an app (actually, many) to help you out. Whether you want to do something profitable in your free time or planning to visit abroad, language applications can help you develop your appropriate grammar, build your vocabulary, and finally make you fluent, all from the ease of your smartphone or laptop. So, read our Tandem VS Memrise review to have an overview of these famous language learning apps.

Tandem VS Memrise Review — The Language Learning Platforms For Language Proficiency

Tandem Language Exchange App Review

Suppose you are a new feature of language exchange. In that case, the concept is still not difficult to understand: You find a spokesperson for the target language, and that person should also want to learn your native language. Then, when you chat with each other, you spend time learning each other’s language, and surprise…! It is a free, mutual, and friendly practice.

Tandem is a popular language exchange application with more than 1 million active users. It can be used as an iOS and Android app and is intended to gather language learners worldwide. It is primarily intended to communicate with both communication features and language tools. Moreover, the application also provides counseling services.

Best Features

  • Tandem app’s translation feature is compelling. The Premium or pro version allows you to do so without limitation.
  • Tandem also allows members to find people in their city; they may be interested in personally participate in the language communication.
  • The series also provides a CEFR level certificate test; you have to pay a small amount for this. The cost is relatively moderate, and the test time is about 45 minutes to complete.


A list of all the languages that are not available may be shorter! With more than 160 languages, Tandem has one of the great language foundations we have seen. Some common languages you can enjoy and find fluent people: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

Pros And Cons Of Tandem


The Tandem’s limited free version is available, and a pro version is available at

  • $6.99 for one month
  • $3.99 per month for three months
  • $2.92 per month for a year’s subscription.

Memrise Review

Memrise is a super popular language learning app that is available online and on mobile devices. It has many functions with the game Flashcard app, which provides a lot of content free of charge. Many of the content is created by users, and there is an advanced subscription that provides access to additional features. Memrise can be an excellent tool for your arsenal, but you need more resources to master a language.

Memrise uses a mission to help you remember the language more effectively. It uses it called “MEMS,” which is a personalized aperture card. Further, Grammarbots and Chatbots are only available for paid versions, which is an engaging way to interact with language.

Best Features

  • Memrise contains quizzes and problems, so it is not just another Flashcard application.
  • The strength of Memrise depends on two things: mnemonics and interval repetition system. It lets you learn the language materials more efficiently.
  • On this application, you can learn multiple languages on various topics and different levels.


Memrise offers 23 language courses for 40+ million users, including the Netherlands, Bahasa, English, Chinese, Korean, Thailand, Finnish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Nordic languages.

In addition, you have all the options at your fingertips, from the famous international languages like Arabic and French to rarely teach like Mongolian and Polish to some challenging languages, such as Persian and Cantonese.

Pros And Cons Of Memrise


Though a lot of what Memrise offers is accessible for the free version, it is one of the best ways for beginners. There are three choices for people looking for a premium version of Memrise.

  • $8.99/monthMonthly subscription
  • $5.00/monthAnnual subscription
  • $99.99Lifetime Membership

Tandem Vs Memrise — Reviewers Recommendation

Tandem is like an excellent language-based message delivery application. However, you may not learn the language in the way you may from teaching grammar and vocabulary.

Memrise is more successful than Tandem-Language Exchange. Therefore, when comparing the Memrise VS Tandem language exchange, the reviewer recommends Memrise to most people. The most important reason for people choose Memrise is:

Memrise uses “MEMS” to build your vocabulary, which is a method to connect a word to its meaning. A typical example is connecting a word with an image. The mnemonics are another way they are using to help you remember the new words.

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Are There Any Alternatives To These Apps?

Here we can make two obvious suggestions — the Ling app and the Simply Learn by Simya solution.

  • These language learning apps hire native speakers to help you learn new languages.
  • By gaming and fun quizzes learning style, it makes the whole process more attractive and engaging. You can see your progress because you have different topics and tests with it.
  • Then there is a Chatbot function simulation dialogues and an extensive exercise to practice your language skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Download these apps or visit their pages and master yourself in your target language.



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