#1 Best Way To Say Happy New Year In Slovenian

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Since the new year is approaching, wouldn’t you like to learn some words in Slovenian which you can use to wish your loved ones? In today’s post, we will walk you through all the essential words and phrases you need to know to wish someone a “Srečno novo leto” or a happy new year in Slovenian like a real native!

Celebrating New Year In Different Parts Of Slovenia

When the new year approaches, no part of Slovenia remains silent. In each corner of the country, people start preparing for new year’s eve ahead of time. Slovenia is a small country, and therefore people feel connected to each other. Usually, the locals come to the city square, and there are instances wherein roads are closed since it is turned into a big party place.

People love wishing each other a happy new year in Slovenian while sharing schnapps. Homemade foods and drinks are given huge importance. Piran, Ljubljana, Kranj, Lake Bled, Celje, Maribor, and Novo Mesto are the main cities where the crowds gather and wish each other on this happy occasion.

Celebrations In Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, is the main attraction for all Slovenians and tourists to celebrate new year’s eve. There is lightning all around, and people sing songs. There are different things which are prepared to celebrate the new year.

On Ljubljana Castle Hill, fireworks displays are to be expected. The crowds are eager to see these spectacular parades of lights with their family and close friends. A countdown begins some seconds before midnight, and everyone counts loudly. Such a sight is magnificent for everyone to watch. Even today, Ljubljana Castle holds great importance for the Slovene people since it holds great historical significance to their ancestors.

Celebrations In Maribor

Maribor is a well-visited site in Slovenia. People in the squares come out on the street and start celebrating new year’s eve. In the main square of Maribor, there are countless gift markets since people are buying and packing holiday gifts for their loved ones.

There are different setups in Slovenia to celebrate new year’s eve. In the winter park of Maribor, a magical garden is set up for visitors who wish to get a glimpse of how things are in Slovenia. They are shown a variety of shows, e.g., playing with fire, having neon lights, fairy lights, etc. Lumina is the most prominent setup in the winter park in Maribor.

Celebrations In Lake Bled

Lake Bled is yet another site of attraction for the Slovene people. They tend to gather in the Late Bled and celebrate the new year. Here, nature offers beautiful places to bless one’s eyes. A walk near the lake is something that most tourists and Slovenian people do on new year’s eve. The entire area is adorned with beautiful colors, reflected in the lake, making it a splendid sight.

There is also an ice skating rink which most people try. Kids love to go to the ice skating rink on new year’s eve and have the time of their lives. Parents love to walk silently and look at the young kids and new couples who are using this time as an opportunity to bond better with their lovers.

Many people started their walks with the lake Bled and went as far as Castle hill while looking at the valley and Karavanke Mountains.

Celebrations In Piran

Piran is yet another tiny region in Slovenia with historical significance and a romantic vibe. It is also an excellent site for visitors and tourists to spend a holiday on new year’s eve. In the Tartini Square of Piran, most of the people gather to see the fireworks at night. There are different magical celebration festivities in Piran. There are restaurants which offer discounts and special offers to the visitors like getting a table with the magical view of Punta.

Celebrations In Novo Mesto

The renowned city of Slovenia, Novo Mesto, is especially famous for its unique celebrations of New Year. The new year’s carnival is one of the old traditions of Novo Mesto. There are different holiday programs, and the city starts preparing for them almost a month before new year’s eve. The carnival starts a few weeks before the main day, and everyone is seen in some glittery and fancy suits and masks. The people love this time of the year since they get to be together in the main square and streets.

Slovenian Wine Tasting Tradition

While most of us are baking cookies in our cozy homes, Slovenian people are drowning in wine. Slovenians are especially conscious of new year’s eve and have a custom of tasting wine. Vincencovo (January) is a wine-tasting holiday in the country. This holiday is celebrated to welcome the new year. It does not take place on new year’s eve, but it has great significance.

Vincencovo is also called St. Vincent’s day and is a holiday also celebrated both in Slovenia and by its neighboring countries. Besides the date, there is another aspect to this: the weather. On a sunny day, it is preferred to have Vincencovo since many people like it.

People tend to celebrate this day, especially when the weather is sunny because sunny weather enhances the taste of wine and elevates people’s moods. Slovenian literature is full of proverbs that explain the culture in a profound way.

A proverb for this special holiday for new year is “Če na Vincenca sonce peče, dobro vince dozori, ki po grlu gladko teče, motne dela ti oči.” The translation of this proverb is, “If the sunburns on Vincenzo/ Vincencovo, Vince matures well, runs smoothly down your throat, your eyes are cloudy.”

Celebrating With Schnapps

Slovenian people are fond of an alcoholic beverage called schnapps. Schnapps is called žganje in Slovenian. In the past, there was a trend of making schnapps at home, and almost all the Slovenian people knew how to make them. This trend has changed, and schnapps is not that widely prepared at home. However, people still love it as much as they did in the past.

It is a strong liquor, and the people who cannot take it well are called featherweight. There are different local and national competitions about who can make the best schnapps. The people enjoy such competitions at various festivals, including Christmas and new year’s eve. On new year’s eve, many people make schnapps at their homes, and almost all the people share schnapps and love to cheer.

Plums are the main ingredients of schnapps, so if you don’t like plums, you would have to bear with the drink. Also, brace yourself before trying schnapps because it’s much more than your average liquor.

Happy New Year In Slovenian

The phrase for wishing each other a happy new year in Slovenian is “Srečno novo leto.” Here is a list of all the vocabulary words in Slovenian that you must know if you want to have a basic conversation with someone this new year.

As the phrase for the happy new year in Slovenian is “Srečno novo leto”, let’s break down the entire and phrase see how we can use each word in Slovenian.


The word srečno literally means good luck in Slovenian. The word for luck in Slovenian is sreče. This word is the root word for the other related words. For instance, the word that implies feelings of happiness in Slovenian is srečen and srečna.

Here are more ways of using Srečno with its different forms in Slovenian:


The word novo in Slovenian means new. There are different words related to the word novo and here is a list of them:


The Slovenian word for the year is “leto”. Novo leto means “new year”. Here is a table for you to learn some words related to leto in Slovenian:

There are different ways to use the word leto. Here is a table with various examples about how to use the word leto in sentences with its translations:

New Year’s Resolutions

When new year’s eve approaches, one thing that we all love to do is make new year’s resolutions. I make a new year’s resolution each year just to forget about it after a week or so, and I am sure many of you can relate.

Since we are on the topic of how to wish a happy new year in Slovenian, it is essential to learn how to make new year’s resolutions. The Slovenian word for New year’s resolutions is “novoletna zaobljuba.” Its literal translation is “new year’s pledge.”


One way of talking about the new year’s resolutions is using “nameravam.” Its translation is “I plan to.” Resolution means making plans, which is why this phrase especially comes in handy. You can use this phrase with any plan, making perfect sense.

If you want to be specific, you can use the word “Letos.” Its translation is “this year.” Here are some of the easiest ways of using it:

Wrapping Up

I hope by now you can wish each other a happy new year in Slovenian. For more Slovenian lessons, feel free to check out other blogs on Ling App by Simya Solutions. We also have blogs on Languages spoken in Slovenia and Disasters Vocabulary in Slovenian.

You can learn a lot about different languages by downloading the application and checking the website. Got ideas about our blog posts? Feel free to comment on each blog entry and add your input. You can download the app and sign up to start learning right away.

Happy Learning!




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