#1 Best List: Slovenian Vocab About Rooms In The House

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Are you looking for some great words to enhance your Slovenian vocab about rooms in the house? If that’s so, consider yourself lucky because we bring you exactly what you are looking for in this article. You will find all the necessary words and phrases to enhance your skills in the Slovenian language. Let’s get started!

Slovenian Vocabulary For Types Of Rooms

Now, let’s look at all the Slovenian vocab about rooms in the house!

Parts Of A House

Here is a vocabulary list of several parts of a house to learn more about.

Bedroom Vocabulary

Here is a list of all the words related to bedrooms in Slovenian that you should know about.

Slovenian Vocabulary About Office Rooms

Let’s look at the words related to the office room in almost every house.

Living Room Vocabulary

Here are all the words which you should know about the living room.

Kitchen Related Slovenian Vocabulary

Finally, our favorite part of the room which we want to go only to eat, not to cook. If you love to cook, then here is a list of all the kitchen related vocabulary which can help you in the longer run:

Learn Other Slavic Languages

That’s it for this blog post. Hopefully, you got a lot to learn from this article. Remember always to keep checking the website of Ling App by Simya Solutions so that we can keep you posted with new lessons to help you survive in Slovenia.

We hope you make more Slovenian friends who can help you with your Slovenian language. After just a few lessons, you will start to understand Slovenian and speak it a lot. Our app helps you with Slovene pronunciation, and thus your spoken Slovenian improves along with the written Slovenian.

Apart from learning Slovenian, you can also learn countless other Slavic languages. Also, check out Slovenian Vocabulary For Family and Best Ways To Say Thank You In Slovenian if you want to learn more.

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