#1 Best Guide: Irish Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

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Cooking plays an important role in every culture as it reflects a lot of details about the country, its beliefs, and common traditions. So if you are interested in connecting with the locals, learning some of the common terms used in cooking can certainly help. In this blog post, we will walk you through all the important Irish cooking utensils vocabulary along with the direct translations. If you are ready for that, then let’s get started!

Irish Pantry Items

If you love cooking, then you understand why some chefs believe that you can tell a lot about the person based on their pantry items. The Irish Pantry has certain exclusive items which are used in the food preparation and cooking process. It is important to know about these items so that you can always keep your pantry up-to-date according to the Irish pantry rules. Here is a list of all the essentials found in the Irish pantry.

Irish Cooking Appliances

Let’s also learn about some Irish cooking appliances which are generally used in Ireland a lot. The three most popular cooking appliances are:

Slow Cooker/Crackpot

Slow cookers are yet another type of cooking equipment that is readily used in Ireland for a variety of purposes. Slow cookers let the item get cooked slowly and tends to make the dishes with time.

Every Irish person will speak well about slow cookers because they use them almost all the time. You just need to put different temperatures to make different dishes. As simple as that.

Deep Fryers

To make boxty, you would need a deep fryer for sure. Some old Irish women might tell you a lot of ways to make the dishes like boxty and fried rashers, but they would tell you the ways which are not only difficult but time taking. It would require years of cooking experience to learn how to cook it authentically. However, if you try to prepare them in a deep fryer, then you will get extremely yummy dishes as soon as you need them.

You can also make deep-fried Irish and Irish french fries using a deep fryer which are two dishes loved by every Irish person but especially the children.


If you know how Irish stew is made then you should definitely use a broiler. Your Irish stew will be made in an extremely scrumptious way if you use a broiler. You can put the meat in a broiler along with all the veggies, and it will provide a delicious Irish stew for you.

The broiler keeps the meat healthy since it helps the meat absorb all the nutrients from the liquid and be as juicy as possible. It is a great alternative to roasts and deep-fried dishes if you wish to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Some other dishes which you can make in a broiler are colcannon and broiled quail. Make these for an Irish person, and they will become fond of you.

Irish Cooking Utensils Vocabulary

Here is a complete guide for you to learn the important cooking utensils vocabulary. Use these Irish words to make as many sentences as possible so that you can practice your Irish language.

Helpful Sentences

Now that you have gained enough vocabulary about all the essential cooking items in every Irish kitchen let’s learn how to ask for and talk about each item.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for this article. You learned about the Irish pantry, the three most used cooking appliances in Ireland, and the common utensils vocabulary. If you are looking for some great options to learn different languages then the best option for you would be the Ling App by Simya Solutions for it provides diverse ways of learning.

Happy Learning!



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