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Wondering about the perfect response if someone asks you, “anong oras na?” Well, we got you covered! In this post, we will discuss the concept of telling the time in Tagalog and how you can easily do it using simple Tagalog words. If you are ready for that, then let’s get the ball rolling!

Time In The Philippines: An Overview

In the Philippines, time is crucial, but they have this ‘Filipino time,’ which is a surprising culture. This means that Filipinos tend to always be late by a minute or an hour than the standard time. This attitude came from the Spanish culture, known as ‘siesta time.’ But aside from the habit of being late, Filipinos also adopted the Spanish way of telling the time. Even today, the locals both use the Tagalog and the Spanish version interchangeably.

Below are examples of how Filipinos tell the time in Spanish and Tagalog.

Filipino Way Of Telling Time

Spanish Way Of Telling Time

Below are the examples of how Filipinos tell the time in the Spanish language:

Telling The Time In Tagalog

Other Tagalog Vocabulary Related To Time

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