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For the past few weeks, fruit lovers in Malaysia have been indulging themselves with juicy seasonal fruits. As a tropical country, Malaysia is home to many tropical fruits of Malaysia. People often travel to this country around June to August to taste this special season. Since you have prepared yourself with Malay greetings and vocabs, why not plan a trip to Malaysia, maybe around June to August, and enjoy all the Malay fruits at your disposal? Let’s learn some fruits of Malaysia, their names and how to pronounce them!

Seasonal Malaysian Fruits

Fruit in Malay is called ‘buah’ (pronounce…

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You can learn a lot about Serbian mentality, lifestyle, and generally about living in Serbia just from watching the movies in Serbian. And this is a great way to learn about the Serbian language. Serbian cinema is very widespread, and there are plenty of movies to choose from. There are various movie genres to choose from — comedy, drama, World war, crime, mystery, etc. So there is something for everyone to satisfy, even the pickiest movie enthusiasts.

Best Serbian Movies

Maratonci Trče Počasni Krug (1982)

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Every Lithuanian has to plant a tree, raise a child and build a house (namas). Learning Lithuanian house vocabulary will make you feel at home in Lithuania. Even if you’re miles away from your home country, you will never feel homesick because Lithuanians will welcome you warmly.

Most of the people from around the world started working at home because of the pandemic. This is the reason why the terms learn from home (dirbti iš namų), and home office (namų biuras) became popular this 2021. In this blog/lesson, you will learn different Lithuanian house vocabulary. This…

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Are you wondering about the best ways on Si të prezantoheni (how to introduce yourself) in the Albanian language? Create an impactful connection and leave a lasting positive impression among the locals by speaking in their native tongue like a pro. In this post, we will walk you through the ten parts of a standard self-introduction, which you can use for starting a conversation or presenting yourself with your colleagues/classmates. If you are ready for us to spill the tea, let’s get started!

If you’d ask us what one example of a language that is so…

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French dialects are not particularly difficult, but they still contain a few secrets that we will reveal together. This article will look at the placement of adverbs in the French language, their formation, and most importantly, we will give you an extensive list of the most useful French adverbs to know.

An adverb is a word that modifies verbs, an adjective, or another adverb. Often expresses how the subject performs an action. In French, many adverbs are formed by adding an ending to the feminine or masculine form of a cognate French adjective. …

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If you’re an OG Korean drama fanatic, you probably know the K-drama entitled “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.” In this drama, you’ll see how colorful the Korean culture is. Colors 색깔 (saekkkal) play a big role in Korean tradition. If you have watched any Korean drama or movie that shows their culture and traditions, you’ll be amazed at how colors can make everything alive. This is why in this lesson, you will learn how to name colors in Korean. So, prepare yourself to learn the different colors in Korean and the modifications and grammar use.

Learning Korean is…

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Are you planning an adventure in a foreign country? Now is the best time for you to consider some of the best festivals in Serbia and get yourself totally immersed in the country’s rich culture. If you want to be part of the young crowd and are interested in attending music festivals, watching a classic film, and drinking booze, the Serbs got something that you will surely enjoy. Discover more about this in this exclusive post today!

Do you consider yourself a Парти анимал (party animal), melophile, or a film buff? One of the countries you…

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Did you know that the words abair, dúirt, and deir all refer to the word say? In today’s post, we will walk you through the most common Irish verbs used in day-to-day conversations and also give you a brief explanation of how it works. Also, by the end of this post, we will provide you with an introduction to our most recommended free learning resource you surely do not want to miss!

Are you planning to visit Ireland and interact with the locals in Dublin? Most of the locals can indeed speak English, but that should…

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Like English, Nepali pronouns are words that replace a noun in a conversation. With the help of pronouns, we can shorten the sentence to the much-needed brevity. Pronouns can refer to people, objects, places, unknown objects, etc. Examples in English include I, we, they, it, that, who, etc. Pronouns are called सर्वनाम (sarwanam) in Nepali, where nam refers to “noun.”

Personal Pronouns

Nepali uses different pronouns depending on the required formality and the level of respect for the speaker. This system is likewise known as the honorifics.

First Person

  • We = हामी (hāmī)
  • I = म (ma)

Second Person

  • You (High Respect)…

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Allow us to set the record straight once and for all: Grammatically, adjectivos or Spanish adjectives are more complicated than English adjectives. With different possible placements, pluralization, and gender agreements, some are afraid even to consider learning Spanish at all. However, it is not entirely impossible to master this language, as FSI notes that you will only need at least 23–24 weeks of consistent study to achieve basic fluency in this language. This post will walk you through the basics of how adjectives in Spanish work and the most commonly used adjectives perfect for complete beginners.

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